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  • Persian Tomato Okra Stew

    Hearty persian tomato okra stew, served over persian rice with crispy potatoes! Perfect for winter | www.seriousspice.com

    As Fall approaches, I’m starting to make more comforting hearty recipes like this Persian tomato okra stew. Persian cuisine has many different variations of stews or “khoresht” served over rice. If you ask other 2nd generation Iranian Americans, they’ll tell you there’s the green stews, the red stews, and the brown stew. And if you […]

  • Burgers
  • Israeli Style Burgers

    These Israeli style burgers are a great twist on a classic with za'atar spiced buns, spicy green tahini sauce, and middle-eastern flavored beef patties!

    Today’s Israeli style burgers recipe came to me as I thought about how to combine all the flavors my husband loves in a non-traditional way. Last night he mentioned he wanted k’tzitzot (meat balls) in a pita with tahini for dinner tomorrow and naturally I was bored of making things the regular way so I […]

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  • Pita Pizzas with Spicy Green Chili Oil

    Super easy to make pita pizzas! Classic Margherita and Spicy Pesto mushroom | www.seriousspice.com

    Pita pizzas are perfect for those of us who are dough challenged or just don’t have the time to make homemade pizza dough from scratch. These genius little pita pizzas with ooey gooey mozzarella cheese are the perfect solution to getting your pizza fix at home. Even when you buy pizza dough at the grocery […]

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  • Persian Lemon Chicken Soup

    This traditional Persian Chicken Soup recipe is sets apart with the addition of dried Persian limes, tangy, sour and delicious! www.seriousspice.com

    Growing up with a Persian momma has it’s ups and downs but one definite advantage is the home cooking! Especially when you’re feeling under the weather and she whips up the most comforting bowl of chicken soup. Mmmmmm…. This chicken soup departs from the traditional with its addition of dried Persian limes and turmeric for the […]

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  • Baked Ziti Recipe

    Baked Ziti

    This week has been a hectic one, with my pregnant belly getting bigger we’re getting ready to move to a new apartment and I’ve been busy packing and getting everything ready. It’s one of those weeks where all I’m looking to cook are easy dishes that can be used more than once. Hence, the baked […]