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  • Persian Lemon Chicken Soup

    This traditional Persian Chicken Soup recipe is sets apart with the addition of dried Persian limes, tangy, sour and delicious! www.seriousspice.com

    Growing up with a Persian momma has it’s ups and downs but one definite advantage is the home cooking! Especially when you’re feeling under the weather and she whips up the most comforting bowl of chicken soup. Mmmmmm…. This chicken soup departs from the traditional with its addition of dried Persian limes and turmeric for the […]

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  • Baked Ziti Recipe

    Baked Ziti

    This week has been a hectic one, with my pregnant belly getting bigger we’re getting ready to move to a new apartment and I’ve been busy packing and getting everything ready. It’s one of those weeks where all I’m looking to cook are easy dishes that can be used more than once. Hence, the baked […]